We asked iSchool Seniors to reflect back on their time at the iSchool before they graduate this weekend. Here’s second blog of three featuring members of the iSchool’s Class of 2017.

Alexandra Lockey

Information Management & Technology

New York City, NY


Alexandra Lockey ’17

Alexandra is an Information Management and Technology major with a project management concentration from New City, NY.  On campus, she has been involved with the Alpha Gamma Delta International Fraternity, a Peer Network Engagement Intern and Israel Vice President of Hillel, and the Lead Organizer and Event Planner of TEDxSyracuseUniversity. After graduation she will be relocating to Boston, MA to work for Deloitte in their Technology Consulting department.

What was your initial reaction coming to the iSchool as a Freshman?

I actually joined the iSchool as an Intra-University Transfer. I came to Syracuse University undeclared in the College of Arts and Sciences so I could explore potential majors. At first, I was considering going to Whitman or Newhouse but I couldn’t commit to just one major within those colleges. Nothing excited me or was a challenge that I wanted to pursue. However, I was fortunate enough to be friends with an iSchool peer mentor who convinced me to attend a transfer session. I fell in love with the iSchool that first day and never looked back!

If you could describe the iSchool in one sentence, what would you say?

The iSchool is where students, faculty, and staff become family thanks to our small community filled with so many different types of collaborative and experiential learning opportunities.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I will be returning home for one last summer with my family. But in the fall I’ll be relocating to Boston to work as a Business Technology Analyst for Deloitte in their Technology Consulting.

Is IT a future you always saw yourself in?

I never saw myself in technology. I was always interested in working on my computer but I never realized how much more I could do with technology. It never occurred to me that I had enough of a deep technology skill set to major in or have a technology career, which thankfully was never an issue in the iSchool.

When first looking at college majors, I thought about pursuing business of some kind but I couldn’t decide what to specialize in. Ultimately, I decided to enter college undeclared and it was the best decision I could have made. It allowed me to find what I wanted to do and explore so many other types of majors I never knew existed.

What is one thing you wish someone told you during your time at the iSchool?

I wish I was told to take advantage of coding classes sooner. Like many iSchool students, I didn’t have any coding experience so I put it off as long as possible. I really wish I hadn’t because I ended up loving being able to understand different coding languages and seeing my efforts pay off.

I’ve never been so proud as I have after being able to build a database or a website. And being able to communicate with technology students from other colleges about our favorite coding languages and programs … it’s a special kind of joy to geek out with other technology students with other people looking at you like you are speaking another language.

“The iSchool is where students, faculty, and staff become family thanks to our small community filled with so many different types of collaborative and experiential learning opportunities.”

What advice would you give to the incoming senior class?

Go back and do everything you’ve loved about Syracuse one last time. Do as many of the things you didn’t get to do. And thank everyone who has added to your time here on campus. I am so grateful for all of my college experiences that it became really important to me that I thank all of my little families across campus who have helped me find my way.

What advice would you give to the incoming freshman class?

For all the incoming freshmen, involve yourself on campus! All of my favorite college memories have come from different organizations I’m a part of on campus. Syracuse has so many different opportunities that it’s hard not to involve yourself in at least one organization. They add so much to your college experience and allow you to connect with so many amazing people you might not have met otherwise.

What’s your favorite thing about the iSchool?

My favorite thing about the iSchool is the small community feel and support. We get to know our staff and faculty incredibly well and they go above and beyond to help us. I have never felt so supported or welcomed like when I walk into the iSchool. I love how so many iSchool professionals go out of their way to check in with me and offer me opportunities. They have made Syracuse and the iSchool feel like home.

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