By: Diane Stirling
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Thirteen teams of students in the Library Information Science course, “Planning, Marketing and Assessing Library Services,” hosted a public poster presentation session last week to unveil their ideas for the school, academic, public and media library organizations they partnered with over the semester.

The presentation session, held in Bird Library, served as the culminating event for the semester, said Associate Professor of Practice Jill Hurst-Wahl, director of the Library and Information Science program. 
The public unveiling and evening of live verbal presentations is beneficial for students, Hurst-Wahl said, since it is just the type of function they may be required to offer as professional librarians at an industry conference. “It is a nice entry into professional activity, and their presentations are formally exposed to a larger group than might otherwise see them,” she said.

The presentations will be posted online soon with photographs illustrating how the students tailored new ideas and marketing assessments to the needs of the organizations.

The diverse range of programming concepts presented, and their student teams, were:

  • ALOHA, Active Library Outreach for Hannibal Achievement, an introductory student and family-involvement program to increase library use among fifth-graders entering middle school at the Hannibal School District. Students: Tori Wood; Angelic Wright; Jocelyn Boice; Jason Hallahan.
  • CNY Reads One Book, an internal and external audience marketing program for the Onondaga Public Library system. The project looks at how to improve marketing methods for the program that uses the community reading of one book to unite the region. Students: Jillian Healy, Lisa Doyle, Molly Wilber, Alyssa Newton.
  • Make and Share, a program for the Fayetteville, NY public library creating a dedicated arts program for the library’s “fab lab” space, including redesigned space and programs that draw the community into the library. Students: Lorane Nassir; Emma Montgomery; Mia Breitkopf, Casey Koons.
  • The Traveling Treasure Trunk, a workshop developed for the Syracuse City School District to change attitudes regarding the use of primary source reference materials. Using a pirate-themed game, the concept uses primary source material examples as the “hidden treasure” to teach concepts. Students: Erin Bennett, Sarah Fowler, Meredith Levine, Jessica Stewart.
  • Technology (Out the Wa) Zoo, featuring a “petting zoo” of popular e-readers, the concept teaches employees of the South East Florida Library Network (SEFLIN ) to become familiar with e-readers so they can later assist the public in how to use them. Students: Marie Evans, Jake Hare, Christopher Lawton, Megan Threats.
  • Easy Stacks, installing a hybrid of the Dewey classification to make the library a more appealing place for young readers to find books through user-friendly, subject-headings organization. Students: Ann Horan, Jessica Gavin, Nick Berry, Chubing Hong.
  • Multilingual Access Portal, a project for the Southeast Florida Library Network, this idea introduces a training portal for librarians and staff to develop their own, localized multilingual programs to better inform their communities. Students: Sharon Y. Kim, Rachel Lee, Jan Slodkowski.
  • Green Space Capital Campaign, marketing ideas and fund-raising events to build the financial support to construct outdoor reading areas and library program activity space for the Fayetteville, NY public library. Students: Amy Behr, Ben Chartoff, Erin Lee, Erin O’Connell.
  • MedGuides, recommendations for the redesign of physical space and introduction of a “roving reference librarian” concept to enhance customer service and increase ease of use of the Upstate Medical University reference library. Students Rei Becker, Stephanie Helsher, Jessica Parsons.
  • Promotion of Citation Management Software, a program designed to boost awareness and promote the use of citation management software available to students at Bird Library. Students: Aaron Neslin, Mike Demers, Sean Molinaro, Darren Glenn.
  • Institutional Repository at LeMoyne College, a pilot program and later community program advocating an open-access repository of institutional materials at the college. Students involved: Daina Bouquin, Matthew Gunby and Kathleen McClure.
  • Community Profile Catalogue Software, a project that would facilitate collaborations and increase community pride by creating a library repository of easily-accessible information on local events, businesses and resources using Polaris Community Profile Software. Students: Dorotea Szkolar, Inkyung Choi.
  • Membership Program/SEFLIN – a marketing program designed to increase library facility membership in the Southeast Florida Library Information Network, by promoting exposure to the organization’s benefits through additional marketing means. Students: Maria McLane, Shannon DeSantis, Morgan Goodwin-Bond.