The iCareer Fair is less than 2 weeks away (it’s Monday, Sept. 28), so now is the time to start making your final preparations for that big, potential career-making event! Here are some suggestions for you that are time-tested.

  • First, make sure you know when companies are coming to the iSchool in the days leading up to the Career Fair.
  • Then, take advantage of all the workshops designed to make sure your resume, pitch, and interviewing skills are at their best.
  • Lastly, make sure you pick out a professional outfit and get it dry cleaned, or make sure that it’s ironed and ready to go!

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Once all that is done, your last step will be to pack what you want to bring to the career fair itself. Here are my suggestions for the top 3 things you need to bring to iCareer Day to ensure your success.

1. Mints and Tissues

The last things you want to be worrying about: whether your breath smells, or having to deal with your allergies!

So pack some mints and tissues. Definitely don’t chew gum–as that can be very distracting.

Quick tip: if you get sweaty palms when you’re nervous, discreetly wipe your hand before shaking hands with the recruiter!

2. Resumes

Make sure to bring extra copies of your resume with you. The number of resumes you need to bring will depend on the number of companies that you are interested in. However, it’s always better to have extra resumes at the end than to run out of them.

resumeKeep in mind you will still need to apply online, but recruiters sometimes ask to see your resume and will make notes on it while you’re talking with them.

3. Padfolio and Pen

I suggest padfolios because they look professional and allow you to take notes plus store the business cards you should be collecting at every table. You will likely have many conversations with employers at the career fair. It can be easy to confuse them all.

Therefore, after every conversation you have, find a place to jot down some quick notes on what you talked about with that company’s recruiter. This will help you send more personalized thank-you emails after the career fair, because you can reference something from your conversation.


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Like to be even extra-prepared? Here are some other things you might want to consider bringing to the Career Fair.

  • Personal business cards
  • Stain removing stick or wipes
  • Lint roller
  • Small mirror
  • Dental floss.

Do you have anything else you like to bring to career fairs? Or any other preparation tips? Please let us know what they are by leaving that info in the comments here!