The San Francisco photo enthusiasts of the company Photojojo (who specialize in making all sorts of photography and phoneography gizmos and gadgets) have come out with a fun app that releases all of our inner 90s kids–a disposable camera smart phone app. The app’s tagline is simple: “No previews. No redo’s. Only surprises.”

Description of Photojojo's Disposable Camera app

If you check out Photojojo’s online store or blog, you’ll see that the minds behind this site are all about having fun through photography. This app is another way to bring out the nostalgia for tangible photos rather than simply Facebook or Instagram photos that only live online.

The app is simple–simply download the app (currently only for iOS users. Sorry Androiders), and then shoot through the 27 photos you’re allotted.

After you take your last photo, the app will automatically send the photos you’ve taken to Photojojo’s printer and ten business days later, you’ll receive a package with your beautiful 4×6 prints.

The price for this awesome experience? $12.99 (and the shipping is included). Need some more convincing? Check out the hashtag created for the app!

Twitter Hashtag Stream

I personally want to try out this app ASAP just because it sounds like a fun idea. With a bunch of old school trends becoming popular again, I think this app has the possibility to become the next hip thing.

But what do you think? Will you be trying out this new app? Tweet at me and tell me your thoughts! @NatalieWiesnet