Philip Kaplan, iSchool ’97, is a serial entrepreneur who has had spectacular successes, as well as his share of failures along the way.  He created F’d Company, a blog that chronicled the bust of 2000.  And he has created a lot of controversy, purposely.  It’s all part of his strategy.

Kaplan recently spoke at the Big Omaha Conference on “how he got this awesome.”  Check out his strategies for success: “how you can be awesome too.”

Turning Cool Ideas into Successful Companies

The talk Philip gave at Big Omaha was based on a great blog post he wrote a few weeks earlier.  Here he outlines in more detail how to implement the strategies he covered in his talk.

Getting Users for Your New Startup


So what is this Big Omaha and why is Philip Kaplan speaking there?  The Next Web calls Big Omaha “what would happen if TED were in the business of technology conferences.  Big thoughts, huge calls to action and absolutely zero crap.”

Big Omaha – The most important conference you’ve never attended

Barely more than 600 people were able to get tickets to Big Omaha this year (with another 600 on the waiting list) and it sold out in three days.  Compare that with the 25,000 plus that attended SxSW this year and you get an idea of the intimate size of this conference.  If you’re interested in attending Big Omaha 2012, make sure to visit their site, check out the photos from this year’s event and get on the mailing list.  May 2012 might be your chance to network with the big names at Big Omaha!

Big Omaha 2012