By: Diane Stirling
(315) 443-8975

Each graduating class, students having outstanding performance are recognized with School of Information Studies (iSchool) Convocation Awards. This year’s recipients are as follows:

The Doctoral Prize, recognizing the best doctoral thesis and outstanding academic contributions of a Ph.D. student, was presented to two recipients this year: Jaime Snyder and Andrea Wiggins.

Master’s Degree Prizes were awarded to top students demonstrating academic excellence in class and projects, with one award for each M.S. program, going to:
Gwyneth Frey, Information Management;
Chelsea Neary, Library and Information Science;
Kristen Link, Library and Information Science, School Media Specialization;
Kshitij Mahant, Telecommunications and Network Management.

The Graduate Leadership Award, recognizing exceptional scholarship, service, and commitment to the school by a graduate student went to Alyssa Henry.

The iSchool’s Undergraduate Leadership Award, recognizing an outstanding senior for overall contributions to the school, was awarded to Matthew Envangelisti.

The Undergraduate Service Award, presented to seniors who exemplify a priority to serve others in their daily lives, went to Robert (Dan) Littlepage and Jessica Smith.

Dean’s Scholar Awards, the highest award presented by the School of Information Studies to recognize academic excellence at the undergraduate level, were presented to nine recipients:
    Vincent Cavallaro
    Edward Galvin Jr.
    Gregory M. Gordon
    Ryan Marfurt
    James Meade
    James Overstreet
    Ben Romy
    Michael Tubbs
    Beverley Faye Werner

Recognized as a Syracuse University Scholar was Tsubasa Morioka, an Information Management and Technology major.  She is one of 12 students named this year to receive Syracuse University’s highest academic honor presented at commencement.

The Antje Lemke Book Award, recognizing outstanding students in the Master of Library and Information Science degree program who exhibit a passion for learning and a dedication to service, was presented to Jessie Baldwin and Daniel Perez.

Both an undergraduate, Ben Romy, and a graduate student, Stephanie Santoso, received the John Weitzel Award for Information Systems. They were cited for exhibiting excellence in information systems through coursework or research projects.

The Amy Everett Award for Information Ethics, presented to recognize a student who writes an outstanding paper on ethical issues in information management, went to James Meade.

The Angela DeSilva Inspirational Achievement Award recognizes a school media graduate who has overcome obstacles and persisted to achieve a degree, and who shares the determination and resilience of the honoree. This year, that recognition went to Carmel Ann Madsen.

Recognition of an outstanding senior for scholastic achievement, in the form of the Donald A. and Joyce P. Marchand Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement, was presented to Gregory Gordon.

Eighteen graduates, selected for academic success, involvement in academic and extracurricular programs and interest in networking with alumni and prospective students, were named this year as Alumni Class Leaders. They are:
    Amanda E. Abbott
    Trisha L. Adamus
    John Burke
    Sudhira Chavan
    Matthew J. Evangelisti
    Gwyneth Frey
    Shivesh Ganotra
    Gregory M. Gordon
    Zachary A. Levandov
    Kshitij R. Mahant
    Adam McMonagle
    Kyle F. McShane
    Ben Romy
    Stephanie M. Santoso
    Wyan M.A. Smith
    Katherine Taddeo
    Richard Tehan
    Xiang Wang