As a child, art class and computer class were Olivia Peck’s favorite hours of the school day. As she grew older, she wanted to find a career that combined her love of technology and creativity.   

“The iSchool was one of the first communities that made me feel like this was possible,” said Peck, who graduated from Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in information management and technology. “I was able to study front-end web development and human-computer interaction, which helped grow my understanding of how technology shapes human experience and vice versa.”

Peck says she knew the iSchool was the right place for her as soon as she visited campus. After enrolling, she was impressed by her classmates, as well as the professors and alumni who helped her during her college years. 

“Their individual perspectives on technology and our world has wholeheartedly shaped me into the person and the professional that I am today,” she said. 

After receiving her undergraduate degree from the iSchool, Peck moved to New York City where she has spent the past three years working at Deloitte as a consultant within Deloitte Digital. In her role, she specializes in customer data solutions for advertising, marketing and commerce. She works with a team to solve clients’ problems with the ways they collect, organize and utilize their data.

“Since joining Deloitte, I have seen first-hand the pace in which technology evolves right in front of our eyes,” Peck said. “I constantly feel energized at work due to the constant collaboration and the push to apply creative-thinking to complex problems.”

Since joining Deloitte, Peck has been able to work for clients that span multiple industries, including technology, retail, sports and entertainment. She especially loves working with organizations that want to utilize their data to better engage with and create connected communities. 

“Being able to harness the power of data in order to foster and engage global communities is absolutely what fulfills me,” she said. 

If she could offer advice to current iSchool students, she would encourage them to maintain an open mind and never discredit themselves. 

“You never know what opportunities may be around the corner,” she said. “Leverage the Career Center as well as the iSchool Alumni network. In my own career, I have had the incredible support of some amazing alumni, including Sara Adam ‘18.”

Peck also advises iSchool students to keep learning and staying informed about how technology and science are evolving. As you learn new information, give yourself permission to change your mind and form new opinions. Above all, she says, prioritize your well-being and the well-being of others in these decisions. 

Peck credits her friends and family for helping her succeed in college and now in her career. 

“I could only hope that in my life and in my career I will rise to the level of intelligence and compassion that I witness them exhibit on a daily basis,” she said. “As our world propels into the digital age, I find these traits to be especially important, and I am optimistic for the future.”