Have you dreamed about flying a drone or walking through a virtual world? You might get to do those things at Syracuse University this week.

This Wednesday, the NEXIS student research lab is hosting an open house–and its “Future Wednesday” technology showcase–at the School of Information Studies (iSchool).

The event takes place from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., on the second floor of Hinds Hall, and it’s dedicated to promoting student innovation and immersing the community in the world of emerging tech.

At the ICE Box Innovation Space


Braden Croy, director of NEXIS student lab

“We reserve the ICE Box and allow our lab members to set up a trade show-style booth where they demo the projects they’ve been working on this semester. We believe this is a great way to talk about the future of technology and get people interacting with our members,” says Braden Croy, director of NEXIS Lab and Manager of Entrepreneurship Programs at the iSchool.

10 Project Demos

The event will feature NEXIS’s 20 student members and the 10 different projects they have been working on this semester and year. Some of the big trends include projects about the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced interfaces, wearable technology, and data visualization.

“Data is not new, but the ability to take that data and visualize it is a really big emerging trend, because data is useless if we can’t understand it,” says Croy.

Grad student Billy Ceskavich shows how data is visualized at NEXIS lab. Photo: iSchool.syr.edu

Grad student Billy Ceskavich shows how data is visualized at NEXIS lab. Photo: iSchool.syr.edu

High-Touch Tech

Wednesday’s event won’t be your typical poster session. It will feature hands-on tech demonstrations and project exhibits with which visitors can interact.

“In terms of the space, it will look very cool with all sorts of screens and demo hookups for people to admire,” says Croy.

Data Vis, Google Glass, Drone, Robotic Hand

“We have a couple data visualization projects, a mailbox sensor, two Google Glass apps, a drone studio, and a robotic hand, just to name a few.”


NEXIS is a members-only student centered lab that is located at the iSchool. The project-based lab was re-imagined last semester. It has increased its membership to include students in majors and programs from across Syracuse University’s campus.

Voice + Exposure

“NEXIS has a way of giving its members a public voice for the really cool things they do, and we like helping others achieve their full technological potential through community education and outreach. Giving exposure and honing the soft skills of our members is only part of what NEXIS is about,” says Croy.

A demonstration of 3D printing at a NEXIS Demo event. Photo: iSchool.syr.edu: i

A demonstration of 3D printing at a NEXIS Demo event. Photo: i

Croy says the event will be a great way to support top students from across campus as they present their ideas about emerging trends.

Maker Community

“For students, it’s a great way to meet other innovative students and learn about the maker community at SU,” says Croy. “For the faculty, admin and staff at the University, they can see what students are building every day and what’s happening outside of the classroom.”

To learn more about the event or about NEXIS, email Braden Croy at pbcroy@syr.edu.