A new spring semester course offering at the School of Information Studies (iSchool) will provide students with an overview of the rapid changes happening in business and technology because of the proliferation of new devices connected to the Internet. 

The class, entitled Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things (IST 400) will be taught by iSchool adjunct professor and former Syracusee University CIO Chris Sedore. It will meet on Wednesday evenings from 5:15 – 8:05 PM.

“This one of the areas that over next 5 years that will have a remarkable impact on our lives and also provide a tremendous amount of business opportunities,” says Sedore, who is currently president of the New York State Education and Research Network.

Sedore explained that he hopes the class will serve as an introduction to the topic, allowing students to understand both the technology and the business sides of what is happening in this arena.

“The Internet of Things (IOT) will really touch everything,” says Sedore. “From healthcare to manufacturing and supply chains, and it will also produce huge quantities of data that will need to be analyzed for better decision making.

There will be significant demand across different sectors for people who understand the IOT in a business context, Sedore explained.

“Retailers are looking at the IOT to determine consumer behavior, for example,” says Sedore. “Even if you’re not working on the actual technology, you’ll need to understand how it works.  And on the business side, you’ll need to know how the technology can enable transformation.”

The course is open to those with a technical background, and Sedore suggests that students have a basic understanding of Internet connectivity, some interest in the business side of technology, and a healthy curiosity for learning about the next generation of Internet-connected devices.

“Companies like GE, Google, IBM, and hundreds of others are making pretty significant corporate investments in IoT technology right now,” Sedore says, “so there are likely to be good career opportunities for those with a background in this area.”

The course is currently open for registration on MySlice. Syracuse University students from outside of the iSchool should consult with an iSchool undergraduate advisor in the School’s Student Services office (114 Hinds Hall) before attempting to register for the class.