I came to Boston a week before the internship began because I wanted to acclimate myself to the locality and explore the new city. Boston is amazing during the summers and I had already tried a couple of restaurants and set up my house before I started my internship.

My First Day at Wayfair

Typical of me, the first day started with Monday blues as I set out to make an impact in Wayfair. I left for work early, which turned out to be a smart move as I got lost trying to find the office! With a little help from Google Maps and from talking to people, I finally reached my office.

The Wayfair office is pretty amazing. They have a number of cool features such as sleeping rooms, beer taps, a swing room, pool tables, foosball tables, and a lot more.

A majority of my first day was spent in networking events, ice breaker events, meeting the interns, attending orientations and seminars.

We Mean Business

The second day started with our teams going for lunch with their respective managers. At lunch, we got to understand more about the Wayfair culture and the team. After lunch, all the software engineering interns were given a project to complete within the next 2 weeks and provided with all the steps for the same.

The next couple of days were spent resolving access issues, setting up the development environment, getting to know the interns and the managers better and finally starting the coding work!

My Internship Goals

By the end of the internship I hope to become a well-rounded employee with sound skills. I hope to learn a lot of new technologies, make responsive websites, leverage data science to build a recommendation system and in turn help the customers by provided them with quality products.

The Boston Bucket List

I am an adventurous person and I love exploring new places. On the top of my bucket list is hiking, kayaking in Charles river, visit state-of-the-art museums, go on a duck tour and of course, watch Boston Red Sox knock it out of the park at Fenway Park.

What I Learned This Week

Patience is the key. The beginning of internship could be overwhelming as you have a lot to learn, meet a lot of new people that too in a completely new city. But eventually you get used to this process and you start enjoying it. Every new experience teaches you something and its best to make the most of it while you are at it.

The plethora of technologies taught as a part of my iSchool curriculum gives me enough confidence that I can handle anything that would be thrown at me. Leveraging my iSchool technical acumen while learning a lot more at Wayfair will be key objective.

Looking forward to the challenges awaiting next week!