Happy Monday! Here’s an overview of what’s happening in the tech world today.

It’s no secret that the iOS 6 Maps app update has debuted to less-than-stellar reviews. CEO Tim Cook issued a statement¬†regarding Apple’s work to improve the app. Critics are blaming iOS software Vice President Scott Forstall, and many are calling for him to be fired.

HP has unveiled a new tablet, the HP ElitePadd 900, designed for Windows 8 for use in business and government.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg met with Russian prime minister¬†Dmitry Medvedev. Facebook has a the potential to play a major role in Russia’s polticial and economic spheres, which likely prompted Zuckerberg’s visit.

Banned Books Week kicked off yesterday, and will continue through Saturday, October 6. This year’s event marks the 30th Anniversary of the Freedom to Read.

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