Mohammed Syed

Adjunct Professor

Industry and academic adventures:

Teaching and Research, Application Programming Interfaces, Databases, Web Development, Biomedical Informatics, Healthcare Decision Support, Healthcare Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Visualization, Programming for Cognitive Neuroscience


I have worked as a software engineer, business systems analyst, and data scientist.


My research interests include the applications of data science, mainly combining machine learning and data mining techniques with high performance computing and visualization. My doctoral research area was combining neuro engineering and data science. In this arena, there are several challenges including diagnostic techniques for heterogeneous neurological disorders which also fall under human brain mapping. We analyzed functional magnetic resonance imaging or fMRI using machine learning and data mining techniques and study how our methodologies can help develop diagnostic measures for the aforementioned disorders. There are several novel algorithms and software packages that we used along the way. Another challenge in this field is computationally expensive approaches for big data sets such as brain imaging or fMRI. We also researched ways to expedite the processing of such data sets in the context of complex pipelines with several pre-, para-, and post-processing steps and each step involving one or more artificial intelligence techniques. This includes but is not limited to data architecture, storage, parallel processing, and visualization.


I have had the pleasure of teaching different courses at multiple levels and in various settings. Highlights:

Information Systems Applications

Introductory Information Systems

Programming Languages


Web Development

College Algebra

English as a Second Language