Call it the platform that gives you the opportunity to feel like a professional filmmaker. Urangle is a mobile app changing the way videos are created, shared, and uploaded onto social platforms.

We wanted to give everyone the sense that they can create quality content without pulling it onto their computer and editing. We wanted to create a video community with video content that could be viewed by the media and eventually travel all around the world,” said Max Ruditsky, a junior at Syracuse University and Urangle cofounder.

The Urangle team is one of the Student Sandbox startups this summer. The team originally came up with the idea when it realized that there was inefficiency in the way videos were shared on social media.

“People were pulling in links, and texting them to each other, and we said, ‘Why isn’t there a way to do this all in the same platform,” said Ruditsky.

 In-App Editing and Recommending

The interface of Urangle is easy-to-use and allows in-app editing.

The interface of Urangle is easy-to-use and allows in-app editing. Photo provided by Urangle.

Urangle is an easy-to-use app that allows users to take and upload a video with their mobile phone.

“It creates a focused environment, compared to Facebook, where you have photos, videos, links, and all this other stuff and all the videos are formatted differently,” said Ruditsky. “We are really just trying to make a frictionless and effortless way to make and share videos.”

While there are a number of video apps on the market, one of the main features that makes Urangle different is “in-app editing.”

“It’s kind of how Instagram lets everyone feel like they could create cool pictures; it’s that same feel,” said Ruditsky. “We want to give everyone the basics to create quality video content.”

The platform also relies on sharing and recommending videos to help content obtain views.

“We call it recommending,” Ruditsky said about one of the other features. “We believe it really accelerates the speed that videos can really become viral, and also gives you the chance to share with all your friends and subscribe to other subscribers.”


The Uwrangle startup team, from left: Will Zimmerman, Max Ruditsky, Mohamed Magoub, Michael Krebs.

More on the Team

Along with Ruditsky, the team includes Michael Krebs and cofounders Will Zimmerman and Mohamed Mahgoub. In addition to finding a CTO, the team has a number of other milestones they hope to meet by Sandbox Demo Day.

“We are using the landing page to get people interested in the idea and potential video users and secure investment.”

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