Everyone uses Uber — whether to get across Manhattan or to order dinner, Uber has shaken up the way we think about both transportation and food delivery.

Data is at the core of their business and, when used properly, helps build world-class products and services. How does Uber encourage responsible data stewardship while driving innovation?

School of Information Studies (iSchool) alumnus Menotti Minutillo ’07 works on exactly this problem as an Engineering Manager, leading the Privacy Engineering team at Uber.  He oversees the development of privacy products, platforms, and services to scale privacy across the company.

Minutillo will be speaking on September 20, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in 347 Hinds Hall, as the first speaker of the year for the iSchool’s HINDSights Alumni Visitor Program.

He will be discussing privacy principles in product and engineering and how to manifest them in an organization. This aligns perfectly with HINDSights theme this year: Information Ethics.

Minutillo, who has also spent time working at Twitter and Goldman Sachs, said he can’t wait to be back at Syracuse to speak with students and connect with the faculty who he said helped shape his career.

There will be free pizza and wings provided to all who attend. The talk is open to the campus community.