By Laura McGrath

On Thursday, October 13, School of Information Studies (iSchool) professor Lee McKnight will demonstrate WeJay social radio to ninth graders at the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Fair at Manlius Pebble Hill School in Dewitt, NY.

WeJay is a novel wireless grid social radio application with several functional uses, and will be used to illustrate the benefits of emerging wireless networking innovations for motivating student learning in the STEM fields.

“This STEM Fair at Manlius Pebble Hill is only the first of what will be many more opportunities to address how wireless grids may motivate and facilitate student collaborative learning, including in STEM subjects,” says McKnight.

“iSchool doctoral students are preparing to use the WeJay software in their studies as well,” says McKnight. “One example is a scavenger hunt around Harlem that student Grace Giraldo is designing.”

WeJay enables a community of people to dynamically interact using various forms of content on their mobile (and other electronic) devices. Leveraging patent-pending edgeware applications, WeJay offers seamless interactions, and allows users to create social radio stations, which stream together the strengths of broadcast radio and the social, interactive capabilities of the Internet.