First, imagine this: a group of 18 students travel to NYC to explore the tech startup ecosystem. The students show extensive knowledge of technical terminology.  They have engaging conversations with the heads of amazing companies and these terms are spewed in between, what seems like every other word.

Now imagine this: a writing major who has little to no technical skills being a part of this group and trying to participate in the conversation.

This was my situation. Not sure if you know this, but completing a BA in Writing does not require any tech-focused classes (go figure), so I was definitely lacking in that department. As a result, I felt like I had little to contribute to these conversations. I felt that since I did not understand some of the vocabulary used in the discussion, I did not belong.

Finding Your Role

Then I realized, I was wrong! This trip is not about visiting a company and being a perfect fit right off the bat. It is not about attending a networking event and having the exact same interests as every single alumni there. It is about finding YOUR role at a company. This could be the founder, software engineer, marketing manager or consultant, for example.

EntreTech is about making the comparison between big companies and small ones and reflecting on which you think you would fit into. As a result, meeting new people and explaining to them how YOU fit based on skills becomes crucial.

Your Skills Are Marketable

These explanations will be necessary, especially as a Writing major in this space. “So…you’re a Writing major? Why did you decide to come on this trip?” is a valid (and common) question. Why did I come on this trip? Luckily, I quickly remembered why. Writing is such a broad concept that is present everywhere, so having effective writing skills is super beneficial in any industry. The ‘Big 4’ even have specific positions for it.

Apple offers positions in copywriting; Facebook offers positions in content strategy; Google offers positions in user documentation writing. Those are just a few. Aside from those though, writing is a skill that can be transferable to other positions. Interested in the public relations aspect of a company? Writing is a HUGE part of that field. Go for it.

“Having effective writing skills is super beneficial in any industry.”

Explore What’s Possible

Essentially, the most important thing about the trip is to find your skills, and use them to your advantage. Once you master this, the feeling of unpreparedness dwindles. So, to answer, “Why did you decide to come on this trip?” I explored the many different career paths I can take with my major and how the skills I have acquired along the way can help me get there.


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