By: J.D. Ross
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Community Manager Chat, a weekly Twitter gathering for social media community managers run by Kelly Lux, the Online Communication and Relationship Manager for the School of Information Studies (iSchool), has been recognized as the definitive resource for community managers across all industries by technology blog ReadWriteWeb.

The weekly chat, organized on Twitter via the hashtag #CMGRchat, serves as a forum to discuss ideas, foster collaboration and provide connections between employees working in the fast changing community and social media management field. Lux started the chat in September, 2010 with Jenn Pedde, a Syracuse University alumna and Community Manager for the online MSW degree at USC.

“I am thrilled to have #CMGRchat recognized as the definitive resource for community managers to learn and share information on Twitter,” said Lux.  “Jenn and I have worked hard to make the chat valuable to our colleagues and to people seeking jobs in the field. Hopefully this exposure will lead more people to the #CMGRchat community.”
Participants have come from various tech-related industries, and include companies such as Klout, Google, Yelp and CareerBuilder. Attendance averages around 85-100 participants each week. The chat meets every Wednesday at 2:00 EST for about one hour.