Leni Krsova

Ph.D. Student

Lenka “Leni” Krsova is a first year Ph.D. student at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies (iSchool). She holds a B.A. from Theatre Theory and Critics from The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2018, she finished her Master’s degree at New Media Studies at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. Her thesis explored communication patterns of Czech journalists on Twitter, combining the worlds of human and technology she believes should always be in balance.


Leni’s research interests stem from her working experiences and resources she discovered in the news media industry, social media data and research & development projects, and recently when she worked at the Center Against Terrorism and Hybrid Threats at the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic. Thus, her main research areas are social networks & information flow and virality, “datafication” of human online presence on social media platforms, misinformation news & narratives they produce and spread, and digital humanities.


Leni enjoys reading books, though she is constantly challenged by adding more books on her to-read list than she will ever be able to read. Due to a long exposure to Gilmore Girls she drinks way too much coffee and always has at least one book at her. However,, Star Wars, The Matrix and Tron are three movies and fandoms that have shaped her the most. She’s a sci-fi enthusiast, and can devour any graphic novel in one sitting. She is an avid traveler who loves to explore new places and cultures, though Scandinavia always being her no. 1 destination. Being a proud Czech whose language is understood natively in two countries only, Leni speaks both English and French fluently, has basics in Spanish and Swedish, and sometimes use HTML, CSS, R, Python, irony and sarcasm. She has an Australian shepherd named Kylo who gives high fives on command.