The current challenge for me is to learn Python and do a project based on it. As I’m not very sound with coding, it’s a little puzzling for me. Online videos and certifications always have a solution to everything. I utilize my extra time and weekends to get certifications and learn tips and tricks for different tools. These are very useful and help me with my daily tasks.

Secondly, I’m simultaneously working on three projects and five different tools. IT confuses me sometimes resulting in minute errors. To deal with time management and adhering to the deadlines, I have started using sticky notes on my desk. This helps me in prioritizing and accomplishing my tasks on time.

Also, initially when I started my internship, I was hesitant to ask questions. I feared judgment and that it might create a negative impression of me. But I encourage everyone to ask questions to their supervisors and co-workers. It helps in adding plenty of knowledge and getting a better understanding of operations and working.

Learning on the Job

I had no prior experience working with the Bloomberg Terminal, the so-called “nervous system of finance.” It initially seemed really difficult, but once I started using it every day it got much simpler.

Learning this tool is the most fascinating part of my internship. I’m also learning the basics of internal auditing and compliance which is helping me in understanding the relevant laws, policies and regulations that financial companies need to take care of.

iSchool Classes to the Rescue

Enterprise Risk Management and Business Analytics had been the two most important subjects that laid the foundation of my internship projects.

Learning tools like Power BI, MS Excel, Tableau etc. have really helped me since the very start of my internship. I can efficiently perform my tasks at my internship based on the various projects that I did in the iSchool.

These projects include designing a risk dashboard and risk matrix for the Enterprise Risk Management class and doing the regular weekly assignments in MS Excel and Tableau for my Business Analytics class.