Summer 2018 brought new challenges and exciting opportunities with it. As my second semester of graduate school drew to a close, I decided to pursue a ten-week internship at Wayfair’s Boston office.

Facing Learning Curves

My internship kicked off with a project on building an application using React, PhP, and other web development frameworks. Since most of these technologies were new to me, I faced a deep learning curve. But I also had a chance to excel at something new.

The tight deadlines and constant team work helped me experience the life of a working professional and understand the responsibilities of a Wayfair employee.

Although the task seemed daunting at first, I rose to the challenge and completed the project within the two-week deadline. The project concluded with presentations where we demonstrated how the requirements were met and interacted with experienced personnel at the firm.

Through these projects I have been able to apply the most cutting-edge technologies in the current industry to solve complex business problems.

Overcoming Challenges and Asking Questions

The easiest way to approach challenging tasks is what I call the “sneaker network”: this means walking over to the desk of your co-workers and asking them critical questions to resolve the issues. If you are stuck at some point, don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Also, collaborating and working together can go a long way. You learn from your peers while they learn from you at the same time.

From attempting Thursday night Trivia, getting lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, and solving intriguing puzzles at the ‘Boda Borg,’ every team interaction has helped create a supportive and comfortable environment for me to work in.

Although the fun and the excitement has come with its fair share of hard work, the results have helped me develop greater confidence in my abilities.

Patience, Interaction, and Consistency are Key!

Patience is the key! The beginning of the internship could be overwhelming. You have a lot to learn while meeting a lot of new people in a completely new city.

The sooner you acclimatize yourself, the better it is for you. Don’t be afraid to know more about people, interact with people outside of your team to understand the bigger picture. Eventually you get used to this process and you start enjoying it.

Don’t let yourself crack under pressure and keep going at a consistent pace. This will help you shine at your work.

Four weeks into the internship, I can say with certainty that Wayfair was the right choice for me. I am eager to build a strong network and tackle the challenges that are yet to come!