Lauren Hardee-Chase

Adjunct Professor

Lauren is a geek at heart! She has a love of technology and is always interested in the latest technological advances and their uses.

Lauren has a simple philosophy relating to learning: It is a lifetime endeavor and every day brings new opportunities to learn something new. A favorite quote of Lauren’s is “The day that I stop learning is the day that I die!” She believes learning to be individual and collaborative and that both are critical components of a being a technology professional in today’s complex technical arena.

Prior to joining the School of Information Studies, Lauren was employed by Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), a bio-pharmaceutical company located in East Syracuse, New York, from 1992-2015. Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she worked for Comcast prior to her career with BMS.

As Manager of the Information Systems department at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Lauren and her team were responsible for the design, implementation and management of software applications and associated hardware environments across various platforms in a regulated environment.

Lauren’s educational background includes an MS in Business Management (Emphasis in Organizational Leadership); a BA in Business Administration; and a Graduate Certificate in Project Management.

Lauren’s hobbies are DIY home improvements, music, video games, movies (especially animated and techie) and theater. She is also an avid sports fanatic; her favorite teams are the SU Basketball and Football teams, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Red Sox.

She also enjoys volunteering in the community and has served on the boards of several local non-profit agencies.  She is a veteran of the US Army Reserve.