Kian Lua

Ph.D. Student

A Ph.D. student in the iSchool, Kian is broadly interested in issues related to the sociology, politics, and policy of technology and labor. Kian’s current research interest lies in the area of autonomous systems, particularly artificial intelligence (A.I.) systems, and the future of work. He seeks to understand the relationships between A.I. systems, work, and workers through multidisciplinary perspectives informed by fields as diverse as (but not limited to) information studies, organizational studies, technology management,  sociology of technology, sociology of work, economics, computer science, and public policy. Kian received his Bachelor of Science in Economics and Physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Master of Science in Science and Technology Studies from Virginia Tech, and Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

In his spare time, Kian enjoys attending performing arts events, discovering new music, traveling, and hiking.