1. Thanks to the magic of Facebook–or at least the convenience of it–I’ve gotten five people to say they’ll help me make my music video. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read my last post right here where I talk about turning My Way into iWay and copying all those bajillions of videos where different people sing a line and they put it all together and voila! A really amateur but still incredibly clever and hilarious video, if the writing’s good or there’s choreography or everyone looks like they’re having a really good time. We won’t have the good writing, I’ll just warn you right now, and I don’t really feel like dealing with the whole choreography thing, so we’ll have to rely on people looking like they’re having a really good time.

Which brings me back to the five people who want to help out…..one lives in Massachusetts and has about five seconds a weeks to work on anything extracurricular (but will probably help out somehow because she’s my sister and she’s like that). One is my neighbor who’s a professional photographer and I’m praying he actually meant it. The other three are from the iSchool, and all three are library students, but I think only one of them will actually sing. And I know she’ll look like she’s having a really good time because I’ve seen her do karaoke and she really does have a good time, but if it’s only one person it’ll just look pathetic. Plus, this means all you TNM and IM people AREN’T LISTENING. For that matter, all the rest of you LIS students aren’t listening, either.

Now I’m just sad.


But I’m PLOWING ON! I have two more verses, but they’re for library students. Because that’s what I know. In fact, the whole thing might just turn into a library song and not an iSchool song, unless someone from another program helps me out. Because as I said in my last post, I have no idea what you guys do over there in the wilds of the technical jungle. But that’s okay! The world TOTALLY NEEDS another library song! Anyway, here you go:

Regrets / I’ve had a few

I missed a class . . . / a few and then some

I missed / a conference too

‘Cause ALA / was an expense, son

And now / my plans are shot

Library jobs / are on the “bye”way

But still / my hopes are high

I’m on the iiiiiiiiiiiWaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy

[This is the part where the song gets all dramatic and intense and builds up and up and up and then drops off real quiet for the last, tear-filled bit…….]

Libraries now / I’m sure you know

Are changing fast / right as budgets slow

Demand is up / while staff is out

But my degree / must have some clout

I’ll face it all / And I’ll stand tall

I’m on the iiiiiiiiiiiWaaaaaaaaaayyyyy

And here’s my latest idea: DISTANCE STUDENTS! You all can record yourselves singing a verse on your webcams! I’ll write a verse just for you, all about the lms and discussion boards and group work and time zones! Meanwhile, find a fedora and a tie and a big corded microphone. Soap-on-a-rope will do.