Last semester, when I was all bright-eyed and energetic, I posted a bunch of really stupid videos on my blog, Gonnabe Librarians. Then I got jaded and exhausted. And my camcorder broke. We bought a new one but the software didn’t work, so we returned it to Sam’s Club and bought a whole bunch of groceries instead and that was the end of stupid videos.

But along came Digital iCreations – a class that I highly recommend, especially if you harbor any fantasies of being, like, a documentarian or something and always wanted to know how to do the Ken Burns effect, or (and this is more to the point) if you want to help out some very worthy nonprofits – and the next thing I knew I was back to doing videos. Woo hoooooooooo!

Of course, I did my usual less-than-serious-but-totally-entertaining-in-my-own-head kind of stuff, but with much better editing because we all quickly became experts at Adobe Premiere Pro. Maybe not experts …. but pretty darn competent for a bunch of over-committed students with one semester of practice. Our last assignment was to create a video about our semester’s journey. So, here’s mine. I hope it makes you want to take the class, because it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.