By: J.D. Ross
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A School of Information Studies (iSchool) initiative to introduce high school women to technology is among three Syracuse University initiatives selected for the University’s new crowdfunding website, ‘CuseFunder.

The It Girls Overnight Retreat brings young women to campus from seven states and more than 50 high schools to enjoy a weekend iSchool experience, exposing them to information and computing career opportunities and the potential of iSchool and SU college enrollment. Since its launch in 2011, the event has welcomed about 250 high school women to the SU campus. At the Retreat, participants have a chance to connect with barrier-breaking role models and make new friends as they explore the world of information technology in a collaborative, hands-on, and supportive environment.

“We are delighted that the iSchool’s It Girls Overnight Retreat was selected as one of the very first crowdfunding projects to launch on ‘CuseFunder,” said Scott Barrett, Assistant Dean for Development at the iSchool.

Last fall’s highly successful Fuel Crowdfunding Challenge at the iSchool, the first philanthropic crowdfunding initiative at Syracuse University, generated tremendous visibility, excitement and enthusiasm among alumni, parents and friends of the school.  The Challenge, which was sponsored by iSchool alumnus Sam Clarvit ‘10, secured nearly $30,000 of support from 175 donors. 

“Perhaps most importantly,” noted Barrett, “the effort encouraged nearly 100 people to make their first-ever gifts to the iSchool, and it was a great learning experience for all of us.”

The It Girls initiative ranked second place in the iSchool’s Fuel Challenge.

The new ‘CuseFunder website launched last week with two additional projects, one from the College of Arts & Sciences, and one from the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

The It Girls initiative on ‘CuseStarter will run until July 11, and has a fundraising goal of $5000.

For more information and to make a gift, visit the ‘CuseFunder website.