In their four years of study, the 250 members of the School of information Studies (iSchool) undergraduate class of 2018 have transitioned from information novices to information experts, earning degrees that prepare them for careers in an ever-expanding field.

Along the way, some of those graduates distinguished themselves academically in ways that brought them special recognition at their convocation on May 12. A number were recognized for outstanding achievement with special academic, service, and leadership awards.

Katie Bennett Award

The Katie Bennett Undergraduate Leadership Award honors a student who embodies leadership, charisma, intelligence, vision, and values, characterizing the award’s namesake, who was a 2010 bachelor’s degree and 2012 master’s degree graduate of the iSchool. This year, the memorial award was presented to Courtney Abrams

Weitzel Award

Sudan Zhuang was named as recipient of the John Weitzel Award for Information Systems, an honor in memory of a former faculty member. It recognizes students who exhibit excellence in information systems through coursework or research projects.

Marchand Award

The Donald A. and Joyce P. Marchand Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement was established by former iSchool Dean Donald Marchand and his wife to recognize an outstanding senior based on scholastic achievement. This year, the award was presented to Samuel Green.

Adam Levitt ’03 Award for Excellence in Innovation

Named in memory of iSchool graduate Adam Levitt, who demonstrated innovative and tireless spirit, this award is presented to an outstanding undergraduate who has demonstrated excellence in innovation in the field of information management and technology through innovative projects or startup ventures. This is the inaugural year of the award, and Jason Mussman was the recipient.

Undergraduate Award for Excellence in IM&T Professional Practice

This is award is presented to one outstanding senior who has demonstrated excellence in professional practice in the field of information management and technology by assuming a leadership role in the workforce at an accelerated pace, and/or has had their ideas for change integrated into the company in which they have interned or worked. In this first year of the award, Ryan Pike was the recipient.

Undergraduate Service

Seniors who exemplify a priority to serve others in their daily life are recognized annually with the iSchool undergraduate service award. This year, the honor was presented to graduating seniors  Malcolm-Ali Davis and Kristy Malley.

Class Marshals

The iSchool’s 2018 Class Marshals were recognized at Convocation. They are Kristy Malley and Stephen Nemy.

Alumni Class Leaders/Peer Advisors

Honored for their academic success, involvement in academic and extracurricular programs, and interest in networking with alumni as well as prospective students, 19 students were named as alumni class leaders and peer advisors this year. They are: Courtney Abrams, Sara Adam, Sarah Blanchard, Keila Calix, Sean Carr, Zohura Choudhury, Malcolm-Ali Davis, Bobby Gonsalves, Alexis Ho-Liu, Ryan Kehr, Emily Kellman, Luke Lawn, William Lombardi, Kristy Malley, Amanda Marderosian, Satoko Mii, Melanie Moreaux, Jason Mussman, Simon Myhill, Maxwell Nelson, Stephen Nemy, Kyle Parkan, Carol Pelz, Ryan Pike, Jessica Rizzo, Vinny Scipione, Efrem Sharew, Steve Simons, Megan Swanson, Zachary Wilder, Chris Yin, and Sudan Zhuang