Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies recently completed the rigorous reaccreditation process and was granted continued accreditation through 2030, marking a major milestone in the school’s history. The iSchool will mark 100+ years of accreditation of its Master of Library and Information Science program with the latest continuation of our accreditation from the American Library Association. The ALA reviews programs every seven years. 

“This reaccreditation is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our faculty and staff, who have created a high-quality program for our students,” said iSchool Dean Andrew Sears. “We are proud of the iSchool’s enduring success, which is evident in the impressive work our students and alumni do each day.”

The School of Information Studies has been accredited by the American Library Association since the late 1920s. The process ensures that the iSchool’s graduates have the appropriate degree and training for their field. It also forms the basis of many national rankings for the iSchool.

ALA accreditation is an affirmation that the library and information science program is engaging in continuous strategic planning and improvement, has a strong and relevant curriculum, dedicated full-time and adjunct faculty, and students who are supported throughout their educational journeys,” said LIS Program Director and Professor Megan Oakleaf. “The LIS program will continue to pursue excellence in the years to come.”

“We would like to thank the Committee on Accreditation at the American Library Association for their efforts to ensure all LIS programs serve students and the larger profession,” Oakleaf added.