The following is a compilation of what I’ve learned as a Newhouse/iSchool dual major student:

1. Technology and communications are INSEPARABLE

There’s really no difference between talking about technology and using technology for communications. The streamlined dual major between the School of Information Studies and the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication is a perfect blend. People are constantly saying this is the future!

2. Counting technologists’ grammar mistakes or giggling at communicators’ computer troubles is okay

Not everyone has the double education you have! It’s fine to get upset about the wrong use of “you’re” or punctuation problems in the technology field, just as it is normal to gaze in amazement at a communicator’s complete hatred towards any and all advanced technology. You possess an advanced knowledge, and you can help others bridge the gap.

3. There’s such thing as too many places to study

Both the iSchool and Newhouse were designed for the student experience. Do I go to the ICE Box? I have friends and feel comfortable at both! Can’t I just do my work in the library?

4. Nobody really knows what you do

… and you don’t, either. But, that’s the fun of it! Every day you bounce from advanced graphic design classes to computer networking theory. You have a constant blend of social media posts and Python coding labs. You can direct a winning public relations campaign and give a stellar elevator pitch.

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5. Also, Newhouse labs are WAY different than iSchool labs

White vs. black. Mac vs. Windows. Too large of screens vs. too many screens. Sunny rooms vs. basements. But it’s all about preferences.

6. The iSchool will never accept faithful Mac users

This is a true problem I am coming to terms with. Why won’t certain iSchool applications run on MacOS services? Why do virtual Windows abilities take up so much storage on my laptop? Why won’t the iSchool love me for who I am? Can I help that I gravitate towards shiny, silver laptops rather than clunky, black double monitors?

7. Anything you are learning now can and will help you in the future

This is your education. Therefore, if you feel really strongly about both communications and technology, there are so many opportunities available to make sure you’re learning what you need to know. You’ll need those entry-level grammar courses, introduction to information science, multimedia storytelling, and a coding ability for an information age. And you’ll need passion, strength, and an intense ability to multi-task. It’s a ton of work … but this is the future!

8. People want you

That’s right. You’re getting sought after in the career market. The strong connection between communications and technology presents a great need right now, across the world. Therefore, don’t you worry, Newhouse/iSchool duals! It’s all going to be all right … even if you can’t decide between the ICE Box and