The School of Information Studies is extending a warm welcome to our new dean, Raj Dewan, with the iSchool’s Welcome Events. 

Dean Dewan will be traveling to cities around the country such as Boston, New York City, Washington D.C., and Chicago to meet as many iSchool alumni, parents, students and friends as possible. Dean Dewan is excited to share his Fast Forward vision for the iSchool and for the opportunity to meet members of the iSchool family in order to better inform his new role serving our community.

The welcome events for all iSchool students, parents, alumni, and their guests will be held on the following dates:

  • Boston on April 2
  • New York City on April 23
  • Washington D.C. on June 11
  • Syracuse on June 19
  • Chicago in June – date TBD, will coincide with the 2020 ALA Annual Conference 

“Although I’m at the beginning of this journey, I hope to meet as many of you as possible in order to better know the many constituencies of the iSchool. I want to learn what our stakeholders are looking for from us to inform me of my role serving this unique and special community,” says Dean Dewan. 

Dean Dewan is passionate about the future of the iSchool, “seizing the day,” and ensuring all facets of the iSchool community understand that mentality. “I think capturing the transformative moment in society and playing a role in that transformation is how to broaden that sense of carpe diem, because we now have before us the chance to seize where we exist in society. That’s the opportunity I believe lies ahead … and it’s why I Iike to say, ‘Fast Forward iSchool!’