Every library student worth his/her salt has probably seen the remix of Lady Gaga done by the University of Washington. And if they’re really with it they probably know University of Washington is also affectionately called “U Dub.” Unlike me, who had to find out in a most embarrassing way. Which is pretty much how I find out about everything. Because life is just a series of embarrassments. But let’s not go there, because I’ll be reduced to blubbering and tears and will never get to pass on my BRILLIANT IDEA FOR THE iSCHOOL’S OWN YOUTUBE VIDEO. Like bajillions of videos, it will be a whole slew of people taking a line of a song. And what, pray tell, would that song be?


Sung to the tune of Ol’ Blue Eyes’ ditty, My Way, each program in the iSchool can have their own verse. One for MSLIS, one for TNM and one for IM. But I can’t write the ones for TNM or IM because I have no idea what all y’all do over there. Maybe I’ll have a better idea once I take a database course in the fall, but I don’t have high hopes. For myself, that is. Not the course. And that doesn’t bode at all well for my future career as a librarian, because God knows we need to be technically superior to all those old-fashioned librarian types nowadays. No lolly-gagging allowed in today’s ever-changing, tech-savvy library world!

What was I saying?

MY WAY! I mean, iWay! Who’ll sing it with me? Who wants to get out their camcorders? Who wants to play the music? Who want to write the verses for the other programs? Heck, you can even write the library one, for all I care, because I may be tapped out with the one I wrote. It goes like this:

My friends / the time is near—

I graduate / in May ’11.

The jobs / are very few

Or so I hear / There’s only seven.

But still / my hopes are high

My outlook good / I’m here to say

iSchool / because of you

I’m on the iiiiiiiiiiiiWaaaaaaaaayyyyyy

Better get ready to sing! Especially all you karaoke-loving library students! I’m on a mission with this one…..it’ll go viral fer sher……but……um……can I borrow someone’s camcorder? Mine broke. And I’m broke. And my student loan isn’t in yet. So……yeah…..who has a camcorder and wants the cinematography credit?! 15 seconds of fame on YouTube! Going once…..going twice……