By: Diane Stirling
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It’s been a busy fall semester for the School of Information Studies’ cohort  of doctoral students, and several have achieved significant academic objectives.

Jerry Robinson presented to a packed room at the Association of Internet Researchers conference. He presented “Online Sharing of Offline Do-It-Yourself Accessibility Hacking Practices,” in which he examined online forums where people with disabilities share their experiences hacking and modifying technologies. He compared their activities with the ways others tend to think of hacktavists as agents engaging in change for the collective good. The Twitter feed was abuzz about it on the #ir15 hashtag.

Matt Willis recently was accepted into a prestigious doctoral consortium of the American Medical Informatics Association on Sociotechnical Issues in Biomedical Informatics. His trip to Maryland for the conference is an all-expenses paid one, and he has the chance to present his dissertation ideas to top experts in the field.

Patricia Vargas-Leon was awarded a Google Policy Fellowship and worked for a Google partner in Buenos Aires, Argentina, over the summer. Her work covered a worldwide analysis of net neutrality legislation, and to a lesser degree, security and privacy issues in the cybersecurity policy of the Argentinean government. She also presented at the Global Internet Governance Academic Network an element of her dissertation research on the Internet kill switch.