Take a look at the numbers in the yellow box below. They don’t really mean much to you, do they? What they show is quite startling for the Apple company, though–that iPad sales have been decreasing quite steadily. As you can see, that chart shows that iPad sales are down 19.3% from Quarter 3 in 2014 to the estimate for Quarter 3 sales this year.


A brief view of Apple’s declining iPad sales from Q3 of 2014 to an estimation of Q3 of 2015  (from fortune.com)

That decrease represents a total difference of $2.6 million in sales. In reality and perspective, $2.6 million is like pennies when it comes to Apple’s overall sales success. However, those numbers are the start of something new.


An overview of the size difference of the iPad Mini, iPad Air, and then the iPad Pro. (Illustration via: https://313e5987718b346aaf83-f5e825270f29a84f7881423410384342.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/1389795418-iPads2014b.png

Changes in Size

Apple’s first iPad was much larger than an iPhone, having a screen size of 9.56 inches by 7.47 inches. Since then, the company has made slight adjustments with the iPad 2 and iPad Air.

Then, they came out with iPad Mini, which grabbed many people’s attention. But now, Apple needs another answer. Well, according to the newest product announcement, CEO Tim Cook seems to think that the answer is the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro Features

At last week’s Tech Conference in San Francisco, Cook announced that the iPad Pro would have a 12.9 inch display and its dimensions compare to an actual laptop, even having the capability of “side-by-side” dual-screen display with a new app installment.

The iPad Pro will be available in November and will have a starting price of $799 for the 32GB model. It will come in silver, gold and space grey colors. The Pro has built-in stereo speakers on both sides for improved sound quality. It has two new additions to enhance the user experience–a keyboard and case bundle. These will be sold separately but will definitely be useful with the Pro’s larger dimensions. Apple has introduced an Apple Pencil that truly stands out from all other styluses on the market, too.

Is the iPad Pro For You?

See if this new version suits you. Check out its capabilities, specifications, and dimensions here.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 8.31.57 PM

The official specs of the iPad Pro – (via the Apple.com site)


The iPad Pro definitely is large. As Tim Cook mentioned, it is really meant to be used with two hands, just like a laptop.

The new smart keyboard and case bundle is quite nice, and I am sure we will see an abundance of sales with this larger 12.9 inch display.

The screen is obviously larger but it also has the capability to do dual screen and get much more work done more efficiently. Also, multi-tasking has been made simpler with the iPad Pro.

I do find it odd that Apple has increased its iPad size after decreasing to the iPad Mini. But hey, Tim Cook seems to know what works.

iSchool Use?

The iSchool here at Syracuse has made some improvements for students. One thing that’s been done is providing students an iPad Bar that can be used by everyone. The iPad Bar is great. Now, if the School were to invest in some iPad Pros for students, that definitely could enhance the work being done.

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