Overall, I have enjoyed the majority of my work here at Commvault. I was lucky enough to get to choose some of the long term projects that I got to work on.

The first was to get all of the iPads at Commvault HQ under one management profile. Many of the rooms here such as the gym, game rooms, and some meeting rooms have iPads in them that can control the video output, the music playing in the room, etc.  After we installed new profiles on the devices, the company had more control over the devices and were able to locate them remotely.

Creating a Windows Deployment Service

The one project I am proud of is a collaborative effort with another intern that had us creating a Windows Deployment Services (WDS).  After successful creation of the WDS, Commvault can now do network-based deployments of laptops with the correct OS, software, and configurations.

After the department implements the WDS, they will no longer have to manually build out laptops for new users. It should free up an ample amount of time for employees to work on other projects and handle the day-to-day tasks. I feel like this project will help Commvault in the future and it was a great learning experience for me.

I feel like this project will help Commvault in the future and it was a great learning experience for me.  To see something go from idea to finished process was very rewarding.

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Experience from the iSchool Labs

Through various labs at the iSchool, I became familiar with different operating systems such as Windows 7-10, Ubuntu, Mac OS X, and iOS.  Dealing with different users who are all running different Operating Systems can be challenging, but I am lucky enough to call back to my prior knowledge from classes and know how to handle each one.  To have exposure to all different types of technology has been a huge advantage that I have been able to utilize all summer long.

There’s Always Room for Improvement

Even at 21 years old, I avoid talking to professionals on the phone at all costs. I feel like an adult until I have to make a doctor’s appointment and I ask my mom do it for me. When I started my internship at Commvault, I underestimated the amount of time I would be on the phone with users or technicians.  However, numerous phone calls with HP Call Support, users who are having issues, and multiple coworkers have helped my confidence on the phone.

Looks like I will be booking my own doctor appointments now.