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Data Roundup: Great Podcasts for Data Geeks

I’m able to walk from my house to Syracuse University’s campus each day – where I both work and am a student in the Information Management program at the School of Information Studies. It is about a mile-long walk, which means I have about 20 minutes each way where I generally listen to podcasts. Recently, I’ve discovered a few podcasts that focus on different aspects of data and data science.

The Data Skeptic

Data Skeptic Podcast
Data Skeptic Podcast

I first became aware of The Data Skeptic podcast when Interim Dean of the School of Information Studies, Jeff Stanton, joined the program to discuss his book, An Introduction to Data Science.

Episodes are generally 15-30 minutes long and focus on data science, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more. Though the program dives into some otherwise difficult to understand topics, it does a good job of keeping the discussion high-level so people without much experience with data science still can enjoy.

The show is hosted by Kyle Polich, who has a vast amount of experience in data science across multiple jobs.

Partially Derivative

Partially Derivative podcast
Partially Derivative podcast

The Partially Derivative hosts give their thoughts and insights on the week’s top 10 data-related news stories.

The hosts are both highly accomplished data scientists. Jonathon Morgan is a startup CTO, and Dr. Chris Albon is a computational political scientist. They keep the show entertaining and easy to understand, despite getting into a lot of detail about certain topics. They start each show with a discussion on the beer they are drinking, too, which is appreciated.

Jonathan Morgan also has done some interesting work looking at the Jeb Bush emails that recently were made public. The most recent episode, entitled, “The One That Will Totally Change Your Life,” is filled with resources for both current and aspiring data scientists.

The Tableau Wannabe Podcast

Tableau Wannabe podcast
Tableau Wannabe podcast

Emily Kund and Matt Francis are both avid Tableau users. If you don’t know what Tableau is, it is a product that allows you to make tons of data visualizations relatively easily.

There also is a large community that shares their visualizations and posts guides for getting the most out of the product. This podcast does much of the same, addressing different Tableau features and helpful tips.

This podcast is probably better to listen to when sitting in front of a computer so you can try different things on Tableau when listening.

Talking Machines

Talking Machines podcast
Talking Machines podcast

This is a brand new podcast; it aired its first and so far only podcast on January 1.

Hosts Katherine Gorman, who focuses on multi-platform storytelling, and Ryan Adams, an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University, interview experts in the data science field. They focus much of the show on machine learning. The first episode previewed some of the guests for future episodes. Once more episodes are added (hopefully!) it should be well worth the listen.

What kind of data podcasts do you listen to? Let me know below in the comments!

Sam Edelstein

Sam is an alumnus of the iSchool's Information Management and Data Science programs, and works as the City of Syracuse's first Chief Data Officer. Sam loves to talk all things Orange, tech, and travel. Connect with him on Twitter @samedelstein.

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