Instagram has become a way for fashion mavens to get inspiration from other users, designers and models. #ootd is a popular hashtag used to describe someone’s “outfit of the day.” In fact, there are over 23 million posts associated with that hashtag on Instagram. 

With the popularity of #ootd, Zappos, one of the leading companies of online shoe shopping has decided to take the hashtag to the next level. Users are encouraged to use the hashtag #nextootd when uploading their outfit photos on Instagram. In response, Zappos will send personalized shopping recommendations based on their photo and their Instagram account.

#nextootd has 379 posts and growing.

#nextootd has 379 posts and growing.

Currently, #nextootd is being used by one brand, so don’t expect anything drastic to happen; but there is the potential for the personal online shopping tool to grow if there is high demand.

Other companies have already attempted to make the customer shopping experience easier through online tools. Gap and Banana Republic stores have created a “reserve in store” tool. Customers can reserve up to five items at their store of choice online. In turn, Gap and Banana Republic stores will have these items reserved at the customer’s store of choice for customers to try on and purchase.

Zappos is notorious for their excellent customer service, so it is no surprise that the online retailer has found a new way to interact with their customers.

What do you think? Will Instagram be a new platform for personal online shopping? How will customer service evolve as technology evolves?