If your Twitter feed is clogged with the same boring information, try following @MagicRecs to give you personalized suggestions on who to follow via DMs. The best part? The accounts suggested are based on other Twitter accounts that you follow and what you tweet about.

And with a new feature that allows followers to “talk” back to @MagicRecs saying if their recommendations are good or bad, you’re guaranteed to get a wide variety of recommendations for twitter users that will be of interest to you.


If you’re convinced, go ahead and follow @MagicRecs now!

And if you have any questions for me, tweet at me! @NatalieWiesnet

 And time for a shameless plug!

If you’re interested in becoming a social media and tech wizard (because I know you are) and you’re a Syracuse student, come learn about the latest and greatest products at the iSchool’s Future Friday events! I went this past Friday and we learned about Drones, Google Glass, and 3D printers and it’s all brought to you by StarshipNEXIS. Keep a lookout for new Future Friday events through the iSchool Twitter account!