By: J.D. Ross
(315) 443-3094

Associate Professor of Practice Jill Hurst-Wahl will present a webinar entitled Navigating Your Career Roadmap, Detours and Rough Roads as part of the Virtual Lunch series hosted by the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Special Libraries Association (SLA).

“Likening your career to a car,” says Hurst-Wahl, “there are some times when you are in the driver’s seat and other times when rough road and detours are influencing your course.” 

During the webinar, Hurst-Wahl will discuss tips for constructing a career roadmap, as well as provide a time for Q&A to address the needs of students, new information professionals, and those that are in the middle of their career.

Hurst-Wahl is currently serving on SLA’s Board of Directors and is an active member of several SLA units.

The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, December 15 at 2:00 PM, and is free to all SLA members as well as to students in MLIS programs. The registration form is available online.