Hernando Hoyos

Adjunct Professor

I currently work at the AXA Equitable as a Systems Analyst. I have had several years of experience working with a number of different database management systems. In my career I have had several different roles all relating to database work.  

I am a graduate of the Information Studies undergraduate program with Concentrations in Project Management and Database Management. I also received my master’s degree in Information Management from the iSchool. 

During my last year of my undergraduate degree and throughout my masters I worked for JPMorgan Chase as an intern and performed a number of duties revolving around database management. 

After graduating I worked as a Quality Assurance Engineer for Polaris Library Systems in Liverpool, NY. 

If you have any questions with respect to my professional career or any questions in general please feel free to ask me.


I am into a number of different things. 

I play video games. 

I am into modifying cars.

I like to program on my personal time.

I also like to do hands on things, such as yard work, and fixing things around the house. 

I would definitely call myself a Do It Yourself-er 

I also have a 5 year old son who I have tons of fun with. 


I have a passion for manipulating, gathering, and analyzing data.

I like to program in my spare time and i am interested in the different technologies that facilitate the consumption and collection of large amounts of data. 

As far as programming i am interested in the following languages.

  • C#
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • VBScript
  • HTML
  • CSS