School of Information Studies (iSchool) professor Caroline Haythornthwaite will be recognized for her recently published book at a reception to be held by Syracuse University’s Humanities Center.

Haythornthwaite is among several dozen recently published campus authors to be honored at the second annual “Books in the Humanities” event, planned for Tuesday, April 18 from 4:30 – 6:00 p.m. in the Goldstein Alumni & Faculty Center.

Her book, Handbook of E-Learning Research, 2nd edition, was published in 2016 by Sage Publishing, and co-authored with Richard Andrews (University of East Anglia), Jude Fransman (Open University), and Eric M. Meyers (University of British Columbia, Canada).

The edited collection in this 2nd edition of the handbook addresses the continued need for study and understanding of learning practices – formal, informal and non-formal –  in contemporary technology-supported and technology-enabled educational, work and social settings. In preparing this edition, Haythornthwaite and her co-authors found much progress in research, unfolding in many new directions, each wrestling with how to analyze and represent learning in an era of continuing change in technologies, learning practices, and knowledge distribution.

“E-learning includes not only the new ways of delivering courses – from online classes to massively open online courses – but also a transformation in how, where and with whom we learn,” explained Haythornthwaite. “E-learning addresses the practice of gaining and building knowledge on and through networked information and communication technologies, with researchers looking to maximize the benefits afforded by contemporary technology to connect with informational and human resources. Both the first and second editions of the Handbook address research on this unfolding phenomenon.”

At the reception, staff from the University Bookstore will be on hand to handle any book purchases or preorders, with a 10% University discount applied. A full list of books and authors being recognized is available on the Syracuse University Library website.

In addition to the Bookstore, event sponsors include Syracuse University’s College of Arts & Sciences, Syracuse University Libraries, and the University’s Office of Research.