We’re less than two weeks away from Hack Upstate Spring v3.0 – April 5th & 6th! The third installment of the semiannual 24-hour hackathon will take place at Syracuse’s Technology Garden. The event is FREE; you can sign up here.

Hack Upstate is an opportunity for talented developers, engineers, designers, innovators and problems solvers from across Upstate New York to come together, and rapidly collaborate on cutting-edge Web, software and hardware projects.

Upstate New York is evolving into a vibrant tech hotbed, and this is your opportunity to collaborate with the best and brightest minds throughout the region.

We’ll be providing food, giving away free swag and distributing a bunch of cool prizes.

You can learn more at hackupstate.com and sign up via Hacker League’s platform.

Don’t hesitate to email us with feedback and suggestions concerning how we can improve Hack Upstate (doug@hackupstate.com, mitchell@hackupstate.com). We’d love to hear from you.

Also, for news and updates, follow us on Twitter @hackupstate and subscribe to our newsletter.

Looking forward to seeing you there!