We are excited to announce this spring’s Hack Upstate !

This spring, the weekend of April 5th – 6th, the third semiannual Hack Upstate event will take place at the Syracuse Tech Garden (sign up here). Hack Upstate is an opportunity for talented developers, engineers, designers, innovators and problems solvers from across Upstate New York to come together, and rapidly collaborate on cutting-edge Web, software and hardware projects.

Our Mission
Hack Upstate intends to unite and facilitate collaboration among the greater Upstate New York hacker community. In doing so, we aim to contribute to the growth of Upstate New York’s technology sector, and to create a robust network of technologists and regional technology companies.

Open Hackathon – I.e., people can build whatever they want using whatever tools they’d like.

Hack Upstate is NOT a business competition
As a quick reminder, Hack Upstate is NOT a business competition. We are not concerned with monetization, business models, markets, customer acquisition strategies, etc. We care about building cools things and applied learning. Consequently, products at Hack Upstate are evaluated based on the following:


  • Creativity / novelty
  • “Wow factor”
  • Execution
  • Polished demo
  • Multidisciplinary

Syracuse Tech Garden
235 Harrison St.
Syracuse, NY 13202

Saturday April 5th and Sunday 6th


  • Rain
  • Centerstate CEO
  • Dwolla
  • Rounded
  • Z80 Labs
  • Polaris Library Systems
  • Madglory
  • Syracuse University iSchool
  • SUNY Oswego
  • Eric Mower and Associates
  • Doolli
  • Iron.io
  • Lob


Saturday April 5th

  • 11am: Doors open
  • 12pm: Idea pitching & team formation
  • 12:30pm: commence hacking

Sunday April 6th

  • 11:59am: Cease hacking
  • 12pm: Demo intro / welcome judges
  • 12:30pm: Demos, pitches and presentations
  • 1:30pm: Awards ceremony

Additional Details
Food and beverages will be provided to participants throughout the entire event.

Feedback and suggestions
Don’t hesitate to email us with feedback and suggestions concerning how we can improve Hack Upstate (doug@hackupstate.com, mitchell@hackupstate.com)

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