Nowadays, it seems that everything has to be smaller and thinner than what it was. Smartphones gradually become thinner, while computer chips become smaller. Likewise, Google announced in early April that Google Glass Contact Lenses may be introduced to the market. While the lenses will not be available any time soon, Google appears to be in the process of obtaining several patents to begin the development and integration process.

What is it?

glass up close


The Google Glass Contact Lenses look similar to normal contact lenses with the same normal functions. The smart contact lenses have been said to help people who are suffering from the common disease, diabetes. Google hopes to measure the various electrolytes, solutes, proteins, and lipids found in human tears to determine and manage blood glucose levels. To measure the blood level, the lenses will most likely include sensors, electrodes, and even an antenna on the convex and concave surfaces of a pair of contact lenses. Google representatives Brian Otis and Babak Parviz stated that the company is exploring methods to integrate LED lights, to alert users about their individual glucose levels once they move out of pre-determined thresholds.


A patent was secured on April 17 for an eye-mountable electrochemical sensor. This sensor will most likely be used to measure glucose levels in tears. However, Google is said to be in the process of securing a patent with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Without this crucial patent, Google will not be able to move forward in product development.


The future vision for Google Glass Contact Lenses seems endless. While the product is not even available on the market, it is believed that the potential for these lenses is high.

For instance, a camera may even be able to be embedded in the lenses to take images for blind users, in order to alert them of approaching cars or people by translating these images into sounds. For those individuals having various medical issues, or simply interested in minimalist technology, this glass-less alternative may be ideal.

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