As you may know, November is one of the busiest months in the sporting world. The NFL and college football leagues are in the middle of their seasons and college basketball and the NBA are just getting started!

Mobile apps are my favorite way to keep track of my favorite teams and players. They help add to the fun of this time of year. That’s why I thought I would share with you my favorite sports apps. Hopefully, they will help keep you informed and add to the entertainment of this crazy time in sports!

ESPN Scorecenter– In sports, we always have teams that we have to follow, no matter what. Lucky for us, ESPN, one of the most trusted sources in sports, has our backs wherever we are. When I’m not able to watch my favorite team on TV, I use this app to track the score of the game and the stats of my favorite players.

You have the ability to add any team that you want to your myTeams section. Scorecenter also has another section called “The Lead,” which contains all of the current top games. In addition to scores and stats, the app provides news, schedules, and videos for every team in hundreds of sports leagues.


NFL ’12– This app is my favorite for following what is arguably the most popular sport in America. It is the official mobile app for and it provides all of the functionality that you would get if you were to view the site on your computer. It shows scores and stats for every game of the week in a very smooth, visually appealing layout.

You also can check detailed news from any team in the league, or choose a favorite team and get in-depth analysis on it. The app also gives you access to NFL game tickets, the NFL Shop, and allows you to manage your fantasy football team.


Yahoo Fantasy Football– Speaking of fantasy football, this app is perfect for managing your team when you can’t get to a computer. In my opinion, Yahoo provides the best fantasy league experience.

Fantasy football is extremely popular and this app will definitely give you the edge in your league. You can view your team, make changes to your lineup at any time, and even add or drop players. At times, the app is even better than the desktop experience because it’s simplified and extremely easy to use.

Team Stream from Bleacher Report: This app is great to keep track of news articles on teams in any league. This app provides online articles for all of these teams, not only from Bleacher Report, but also from other reputable sources. Expert tweets also show up in your feed, which is a really fun way to see behind-the-scenes tweets on your team and what experts are saying about them.

ESPN Streak for the Cash: This apps gives you situations in sports games and you have to choose the most likely outcome. For example, a question may be, “Who will win this game: the Los Angeles Lakers or the New York Knicks?” After the game, you can see if you were right or wrong.

If you predicted correctly, your streak increases. You are competing with members of the app community to see who will have the longest streak at the end of the month. The winner each month wins a cash prize. This app is an addictive way to test your knowledge and guessing ability for a variety of sports and leagues.

Technology has really enhanced the fan experience. In particular, mobile technology and mobile apps have given people endless ways to track their favorite teams and sports on the go. I hope these five apps will help you tackle this hectic time of year in sports in a fun way!

What are your favorite sports apps? Which teams do you follow? Let me know in the comments below!