June 11th is quickly approaching, which marks the end of my month long summer vacation. For a few weeks, I have listened to my friends hold conversations about their work experiences so far, and I am eager to share mine!

In less than a week, I will begin my summer internship with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at their headquarters in Washington, D.C., right where I grew up! For years, I have driven and walked past this building, with the hopes of working there. Soon, it will be official.

Although my internship began in the fall of 2017, I will get to experience what it is like to work a 9-to-5 job in the middle of downtown. Being a government agency, preparing to work for the FBI took time, however, and staying organized and patient made the process easier.

Coming Home

In December, interns for the FBI were asked to fill out a transfer request questionnaire. Having worked in Syracuse during the school year, I knew that I wanted a change for the summer. With over fifty offices around the nation, I wanted to be busy, so I chose headquarters.

Half way through undergrad, I began thinking about where I would like to start my career. Although I am open to living in another city, D.C. has always been home and offers so many opportunities that I see myself taking advantage of in the future. Therefore, creating a network during my internship is one step toward where I would like to be in two years.

Reaching Out and Staying Connected

Having worked with the Syracuse Field Office for nine months, I have developed professional relationships and mentorships with coworkers. These connections made my transfer smooth and relatively quick.

To anyone going through an application process or an office transfer, I recommend staying connected with human resources or reaching out to supervisors for advice and updates. Forming genuine and professional connections with someone in your office (division, firm, agency, etc.) will go a long way!

In my first two years in the School of Information Studies (iSchool), the concept of networking has been encouraged in most courses, advising meetings, and offered as simple advice. Therefore, I have used it to my advantage and actively work on growing a healthy network. I plan on further developing this network by making meaningful connections this summer and throughout my time with the FBI’s internship program.

The Big Picture

Headquarters has been deemed one of the busiest offices and that is just what I am looking forward to!

I never saw myself sitting behind a desk for eight hours a day, monotonously doing paperwork. I like to be challenged and thrive off of completing time-sensitive tasks. However, in recognizing that my work will affect other projects, I want to develop a network of interns and form connections with supervisors, that will be willing to assist me if needed.

Upon completing this summer internship, I want to have a deeper understanding of what it is like to work at headquarters with some of the nation’s leading agents. I also want to further develop my interest of how law enforcement interacts with legislators.

Lastly, I hope get a first-hand look at the investigative and prosecution processes that take place in America. I look forward to sharing these experiences!