The School of Information Studies (iSchool) hosted a meeting this week for faculty and Ph.D. students from across the University to discuss possible collaboration opportunities between Syracuse researchers, and Big Data and search services company Dilisim. 

The company was founded by Syracuse University graduates Ozgur Yilmazel and Sibel Yilmazel. Ozgur graduated from the College of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) with his MS and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, and Sibel graduated from ECS with an MS in Engineering Management.

Following his graduation from Syracuse, Ozgur worked for the iSchool’s Center for Natural Language Processing (CNLP) for 9 years before returning to his native Turkey in 2008 to take a faculty position at Anadolu University. After his departure, he still remained connected to the iSchool as a research associate.

Shortly after returning to Turkey, the Yilmazels launched the company, its name a portmanteau of the Turkish words for ‘language’ and ‘computation’. The company resides in the Anadolu University technology park, and its work dovetails closely with the coursework Ozgur teaches, including software engineering, big data application, information retrieval, and text mining. 

The couple has spent their time in Syracuse meeting with researchers to identify areas of future collaboration between the University and Dilisim. With strengths in big data analysis, analytics system integrations, big data training, enterprise search, search language processing, and recommendation engines, the Yilmazels believe that there could be several possibilities to collaborate with Syracuse researchers on projects.

Faculty and Ph.D. students interested in learning more about collaboration opportunities can contact Ozgur Yilmazel at: