Not even a week ago, Information Space published a post on the craze surrounding the addicting game of Flappy Bird.

Well… it is amazing what six days can do! On Saturday, these Tweets surfaced from the creator of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen:







I was shocked! The game had gained so much popularity and fame in the last couple of weeks I did not understand why the creator was going to take it down. However, as I gained more information about the topic, it seems as though Nguyen just could not take the publicity that he was receiving. 

He become one of the most loved and hated person all at once. 

It has been reported that Nguyen was bringing in $50,000 a day from ad revenue.

So now… let me get this straight. $50,000 a day, no legal problems, but just simply cannot take the fame any longer?

Seems Fishy

Sure, some people are more modest than others but it seems quite odd that Nguyen would remove Flappy Bird all because of his rise to fame. However, Eric Mack, author on wrote “Flappy Bird Creator May Have Been Scared By Legal Threats After All.” 

Regardless of Nguyen claiming that he had no legal threats regarding Flappy Bird, two friends of Nguyen’s told Reuters that he was contacted by a warning letter by Nintendo. Whether this is true or not stays a mystery yet Nintendo claims to have had no intention on filing a lawsuit. 

Who Wins?

So now that the game is officially taken off the market, there is no way to get the game unless you have previously already downloaded it. Nonetheless, I personally believe that Nguyen is a genius and knew exactly what he was doing when he publicly announced on Twitter that he was taking the game off the market. 

Think about it. Even if you were not a player of Flappy Bird previously, I am sure that his public announcement led to an abundant of more downloads within the 22 hour span that he mentioned through his tweet. Yet, remember that he is still generating $50,000 a day from ad revenue whether it is still on the market or not. So now there are even more players with the game and I am sure his income has even risen since the reported $50,000 a day. 

Flappy Must Live On!

If you missed the download period, you can head over to Currently there is an iPhone 16GB 4s preloaded with Flappy Bird going for a small sum of $134,295.00! Feel free to go bid away!! 

Additionally, in the App Store you will notice that two games topping the charts are replica’s of Flappy Bird: Fly Birdie – Flappy Bird Flyer and Ironpants

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