It’s one of those hectic days. You’re already running late to work or class after getting stuck in traffic, and now there are no parking spots to be had. But…wait! You spot a tiny space that you think you might be able to squeeze into. You go for it….steady, steady, checking the mirrors, and…yes! You’re in!

You grasp at your backpack/briefcase and book it, completely oblivious to the parking meter or faded “No Parking” sign nearby by the space.

Right around the corner is a miserable parking attendant armed with tickets and ready to dish out punishments. It’s no surprise that when you get back to your car, you notice a little “gift” waiting on your windshield. Fuming, you mutter to yourself angrily, frustrated that you’ll have to waste time fighting the ticket in court. fixed app

If only there was a way to eliminate the headache of finding a lawyer and schlepping to court to argue your case. Fixed may be our answer.

Fixed is a new app that acts as a “handheld attorney,” ready to fight parking tickets at a moment’s notice.  The app is still in testing and demand is extremely high, so for now users can only sign up at with their email and wait for a spot to open up.

Once the waiting game is over, however, users will receive an invitation to download the app.

Next comes the parking ticket. After receiving the ticket, users take a photo of the ticket, upload it to the app, and input the  violation number. They also provide an explanation of the violation and why they want to fight the ticket. Depending on the violation, users may need to upload additional pictures of the scene.

After receiving the pictures and explanation, Fixed matches users with an attorney and calculates the odds of winning the case.

Users then have the choice of whether or not to follow through with the case. If they decide to continue, the attorney drafts a letter contesting the ticket which is then signed electronically. He/she may even return to the scene of the violation to search for additional information that may help win the case.

If the case is won, users must pay 25 percent of the original ticket fee to Fixed. If the attorney loses, users must follow through with paying the ticket but do not pay Fixed anything.

For now, Fixed is limited to iOS devices and is only available in San Francisco.  But, due to high demand, as evidenced by the wait list, it should be spreading out to other parts of the country in no time.

What do you think about this new app? Is this something you would be interested in using in the future? Leave your thoughts in a comment below!