If you’ve ever run out of gas while driving your car, you know how frustrating the situation is. Luckily for us, there may be a new app on the market that could prevent some stress.

Filld is an app that can be described as, “Uber, but for putting gas in your car.” The app isn’t exclusively for people who may have run out of gas, though. It’s also aimed at people who simply don’t want to (or don’t have time to) pump their own gas if they’re running low and are strapped for time.

The process of getting your tank filled up is simple: Just download the free Filld app, input your vehicle information, plug in an address, and you’re good to go. You can also put in a delivery time window to ensure you’re all fueled when you need to be. All that’s left for you to do is make sure you gas cap is unlocked and pay a $7 surcharge to Filld for their services. Still have some questions? Check out their nifty explanatory video:

Currently, Filld has only one delivery truck in the Silicon Valley area, but if business keeps being as popular as it is now, you may see a Filld service in your area soon enough! 

What do you think about the service that Filld is offering? Do you think it’s useful or unnecessary? Leave your response in the comments below, or tweet at me! @NatalieWiesnet