iSchool faculty are leading conversations in the information field across the globe. They publish, present, and contribute their expertise in myriad way throughout the year. See where our faculty have been active this February:

Kevin Crowston and Carsten Oesterlund

Zevin, M., Jackson, C., Doctor, Z., Wu, Y., Østerlund, C., Johnson, L. C., Berry, C., Crowston, K., Coughlin, S., Kalogera, V., Banagiri, S., Davis, D., Glanzer, J., Hao, R., Katsaggelos, A., Patane, O., Sanchez, J., Smith, J., Soni, S., Trouille, L. & Walker, M. (2024). Gravity Spy: Lessons learned and a path forward. European Physical Journal Plus. 139, 100. doi: 10.1140/epjp/s13360-023-04795-4

John Jordan

Spoke at the Fayetteville Free Library on 10 February on “Demystifying AI.” More than 30 people attended.

Mike Fudge

The jupyterhub used by IST256 and some other school programming classes was upgraded to the latest version and enhanced with additional tooling like visual studio code. The jupyterhub, which deploys to a Kubernetes compute cluster in the Syracuse University Academic Virtual Hosting environment now uses github actions to support devops – a configuration change that used to take a few hours can now be deployed in a few minutes.