By: J.D. Ross
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When Apple Founder, Chairman and former CEO Steve Jobs passed away on Wednesday evening, it sent a shockwave through the School of Information Studies (iSchool) community. Within minutes of the news of his death, students, staff and faculty were commenting on Twitter and sharing their feelings and remembrances of Jobs and the influential technology he created.

iSchool senior John Burke penned a response on Information Space, the iSchool’s blog, shortly after learning of Jobs passing. “Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple,” he wrote.

On Thursday, faculty and students shared their views on Jobs’ legacy with several television outlets.

“Most of the world learned of Steve Jobs’ death on devices that he created,” Anthony Rotolo, Assistant Professor of Practice told YNN News.

“I really don’t think that I would have fostered this love for technology and how it can communicate with the masses if it weren’t for my Apple products and my Apple software,” Jessica Smith, an iSchool senior added.

“I think it will be a long time before the next Steve Jobs comes along, but at the same time, there’ll be a lot of people that will do amazing things because he was here,” Professor David Lankes told WSYR news reporter Leigh Isaacson.

Links to interviews and broadcast segments featuring iSchool community members are below.

Interviews and Media Segments